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  • Retail

    We are well aware of the high cost of retail space. Whether it is for small convenience store, national chains, large store or shopping mall, Yinfan provides the tailor-made solutions with beautiful design, occupying no pedestal, easy for installation and use, which saves customers space, time and investment, and increases business revenue.


    Yinfan provides solutions for many restaurants, cafes and bars, excellent in sound quality, flexible and affordable, easy to install and use, and provide customized music content that best fits for the business enviornment to help increasing revenue. Yinfan has become the preferred partner of restaurants pursuing high-quality audio.


    Yinfan solution is customized for VOD cinemas, which meets the latest standards and specifications. It has been highly recognized in hundreds of the launched cinemas, and has become the preferred partner trusted by VOD cinemas with affordable, reliable and excellent customer service.


    Based on the traditional office system environment, security, energy consumption, management and other issues, using advanced Iot technology,

    Creating a comfortable environment and improving the working efficiency of employees
    Intelligent remote management to control office status anytime, anywhere
    24-hour real-time energy monitoring, real-time large data analysis, optimization of energy-saving programs
    Overall security monitoring, automatic alarm mechanism to ensure the safety of office space at all times


    Yinfan Intelligent Community Solutions link Yinfan cloud with various products and services within and attached to the community such as utility management and medical services. Tools to help the community share important information, home security and vehicle management

    Intelligent matching. Promoting Community Value
    Intelligent security to improve community safety
    Connecting with surrounding businesses to help upgrade business models
    Intelligent property to reduce operating costs