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  • Intelligent Hotel


    Smart Guestroom

    • Voice Control of Smart Devices
    • Smart Automation Scene
    • Voice Access to Hotel and Local Service

    Smart Audio

    • Cable and Wireless Solutions
    • Multi-room, multi-zone solutions
    • Smart Central Management Platform. Copyright Background Music Source

    Digital Operating Platform

    • User Operating Platform
    • Remote Device Management Platform
    • Smart Marketing Platform. Data Visualization Platform

    Public Area Intelligent Management

    • Automatic Alarm and Warning System
    • Automatic Environmental Regulation System
    • Smart Irrigation Water Saving System Public Area Energy Saving System

    Smart Music in public spaces

    The combination of senses sight, sound and smell allow customers to interact through smart technology.

    • Sonance Commercial speaker series
    • Sonance Network Power Amplifier Series
    • Spherical HD wireless speaker
    • Cool lyrics speaker
    • Smart Speakers
    • Commercial Intelligent Fragrance System

    Smart Guestroom

    Smart voice control, wake word customization, smart scenarios, voice access to hotel and local services.

    • Tivoli Smart System Home
    • RIVA Concert Smart Speakers
    • Smart Devices Local Voice Control

    Smart Audio for Meeting Spaces

    Yinfan smart conference system supports wired and wireless audio solutions, to create more application possibilities for customers.

    • PSB commercial ceiling loudspeaker
    • Bose commercial ceiling loudspeaker
    • Sonance commercial ceiling loudspeaker
    • NAD Commercial CI Series Power Amplifier
    • Platin Commercial Brilliant Background Music Soundbox
    • Platin Commercial Wireless Speaker Series
    • Platin Commercial Four-Zone Wireless Transmitter
    • Platin Commercial Wireless Transmitter

    Smart Outdoor Spaces

    Creating the perfect outdoor leisure space requires a balance of space appropriate audio, acoustic understanding and garden management

    • Sonance Garden Series
    • Sonance professional outdoor speaker series
    • Sonance Professional Amplifier
    • Soundcast VG5
    • Spiio Sensor

    Copyright Music

    Providing music libraries to suit any scenario, time of day or special events

    • Delivering copyrighted content without the headache of managing locally.
    • Creating customized content for chain stores
    • delivered to every branch with the same content at the same time nationwide for a solidified brand message
    • Covering the whole retail industry, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, medical, bookstores, etc.